Why am I vegan?

So a lot of people ask me this question as soon as they know about my veganism. And the answer of this question its quite long…

In the past I would have never thought I would become vegan or vegetarian in a future, I ate a lot, I loved all type of food (veggies, crap food, meat, fish…) 

I used to get very sick very often and we never knew why we just supposed it was because of not having enough vitamins or something. So one year I got so sick I got interned in the hospital. After that happened we discovered I had dairy, egg and gluten intolerance. So I stoped eating those but I still was eating meat and fish.

I spent 2 whole years with that diet and it helped me a lot. So last year, I started to have an interest in environment and also in health. I searched a lot of information and I discovered the veganism. I talked with my mum and dad and with my doctors and they told me I could do it controlling my vitamins and stuff.

So I become a vegan. Since that journey started my health improved amazingly and my energy levels bloated. Also I became happier, I discovered a whole new world in food. 

Now I’m passionate about veganism  and healthy eating. It gives our body everything it needs, natural and real food non-touched by chemicals. It also helps our environment so so so much, not only because of animals. 

What a lot of people don’t understand is that I’m not a vegan because it’s sad for me that they kill an animal. I’m vegan because of something much bigger, I’m vegan for me, because I want a healthy body on the inside and I want my food to be REAL FOOD, food that Mother Nature makes and provides with all this amazing useful vitamins for our body. I’m vegan because I love this world and I’m worried about the environment; not only the ways they treat animals are offensive but do you know how much water they use to make a simple steak of meat or even a burguer? And also are you aware of all the bad hormones and chemicals they put in dairy and meat?! It is atrocious.

It is a fact that cows milk has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins, powerful antibiotics, hormones, bacteria… And it provides sicknesses as heart disease and even bones diseases. And also it’s production is so bad for our environment.

So yeah, I could be all day talking and giving facts of why I am vegan but I still think that we have to chose the best diet we think it is for us but knowing what we are eating and being concious about its reaction in our environment. I don’t think eating animal products it is bad, what I think is that it is bad today in our world because of the consume society we live in; because now in order to produce more in less time they use chemicals and hormones in that type of food.  If you still eat meat or dairy, which I respect, be aware of what you are truly eating. 



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