Let´s save us. Open your mind.

Are we really so wise? Smart yes, and it is good to be smart  but not only for our own good. While intelligence speaks we cover our ears to Mother Nature screams and we close our eyes to all of her help wanting signs.

We must know that every action has a reaction so if we were really that wise we would not be shocked if we see storms that are stronger tan ever before, or more drown or huracans tan ever before.

Because there is more humanity than ever before and that means more pollution than ever before, more carbon, more tres cut down…

We have increased the extintion of animals by 1000 the normal rate. In the next 100 years every children book and more than a 50% of animals is predicted to go extinct.

Species that have been here longer tan us would be gone because of us just beacuse we had tu turn the circle of life into our own convey.

Open your eyes and minds! See what is happening to our world, we are destroying it. Don´t be so close minded to say that climate change doesnt exist. Just because you can´t see it it doesn´t mean it doesn´t exist. It does. And if you still don´t believe it inform yourself better.

Only 20% of the whole population of planet earth has the priviledge of having the 80% of the products that this earth gives us. Only 20%… We are so priviledged and yet so selfish… Call me crazy but I think a 100% of the population of the world should be able to eat food that is safe, wáter that is clean and breath fresh air… This are nature rights.

What are we doing? We were given so much…

Every species is connected genetically, to the sunflower to the fish. WE ALL SPECIES NEED EACH OTHER TO LIVE. And we must realize this before it is to late.

Because the real crisis is not global warming or environmental destruction, it is us. These problems are symptoms of us. It is our duty to protect Mother Nature from those who don´t see her beauty

It is up to us to take care of this planet, it is our only home. We must globally warm our hearts and change the climate of our souls and realize that we are not apart from nature, we are A PART OF NATURE; and to betray nature is to betray us, to save nature is to sabe us.

Because whatever you are fighting for: racism, poverty, feminism, gay rights or any type of equality, it won´t matter on the list, because if we don´t all work together to save the environment we would be all equally extinct.

We still have time to change our mentality, us young people we are the future of this planet and together we can save our home. So stop being so closeminded, watch around you, inform yourself, see what is happening, understand and act wisely, because as I have said before every action has a reaction. And if we start doing something, the reaction of our actions could be a better era full of love, peace and freedom.

Text inspired on Prince Ea. Check it on YouTube.


Check out to inform:

-10.000.000 documental.

Alicia MC.




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